#MeToo / Activism / Feminism / Sex Work

The Line Between Consensual Sx Work and Trafficking is Blurry. I Know, Because I’ve Been Both.

“Sex workers are recruited into sex trafficking with the promise of greater financial stability...
#MeToo / Activism / Feminism

Why I Stay Facebook ‘Friends’ with my Rapist

"Years later, I have stayed ‘friends’ with my rapist on Facebook and I am...
#MeToo / LGBTQIA+ / Trans Experiences

Fetish Freeloading: Avoiding the Online Exploitation of my Trans Body

"Fetish mining is the act of soliciting or sourcing fetish material from unsuspecting people...

The Abuse I Endured was Real and I have the Seizures to Prove it

"My body is holding on to those endless months of anxiety and isolation, spitting...
#MeToo / Contraception / Parenthood

I Got Pregnant Without My Consent. It’s My Body, So I Made a Choice.

"Is “my body, my choice” the only lie I’ll ever tell my daughter?”