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On Trauma and Mirrors: Confronting Our Reflections

"If you find yourself continuously triggered and in pain each time you look in...
Beauty / Feminism

The Girl Boss-ification of Witchcraft

"Girlboss witchery is witchcraft reflected through the funhouse lens of the patriarchy, white supremacy,...
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How Cutting Off My Hair Helped Me See My Trans Femininity

"All I know is that haircut released me."
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All Aboard the Bimbo Train: How Being a Bimbo Has Helped Shape My Identity

"Toot toot!"
A woman with one breast seated in a tree, with the trunk on which she sits at the bottom of the frame. Sunlight peeks through the treetops above her head.
Beauty / Body Positivity / Self Worth

Deciding to Live Out Loud with Only One Breast

The flat movement was a fringe society and I wanted to be part of...