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queerTrans Experiences

Doll Parts: My Queer Coming-of-Age with Courtney Love

It was through Love’s music that I came to terms with my own queerness, embracing…
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Chika: How to Be Soft

"I found solace every single high and I've found some new piece of me that…

Drunk Mummy, Sober Mum

"My identity was so watered down by cheap wine and warm beer that I no…
Black ExperiencesFeminism

I’ve Stopped Using Sex Appeal to Get What I Want

"“Why do we care to?” I remember briefly thinking."
Mental HealthSelf WorthSex

Saying Goodbye to my Pierced Nipples

"Those little barbells were proof that I was still worth something."
Black ExperiencesMental Health

Self Help Burnout and the Politics of Healing

"A Healed Person, for instance, does not binge a pint of Ben & Jerry's after…
Mental HealthParenthood

The Blessings of My Miscarriage

"To my sweet little belly being, my love, my teacher, thank you for being with…

I Don’t Want Kids. Why Does This Make Men So Uncomfortable?

"Rarely do women comment on my choice to remain child free."

The Unexpected Consequences of Care Giving

"We practice the skills of caregiving: attentiveness, compassion, boundaries, self-care, simplicity, and healing."

My Abusive Father is Dead: Now What?

"The man who abused me as a child is dead and I am left with…
BeautyBlack Experiences

Why I Cut My Locs

"I always felt I owed the world “femininity”, but interestingly, the world owed me nothing…

Sure, I’m Bi and Poly – But That Doesn’t Mean I’m DTF

"I quickly became a hypersexualized triple-whammy. These three elements, which are already sexualized and fetishized…
Body PositivityHealthHome

Two Decades Later, Hoarding is Still my Comfort Food

"I’d spend hours organising everything, arranging produce in categories and rotating packets according to their…

My Bisexual Awakening Through ASMR

"I couldn’t quite put my finger on why these strange whispery videos of beautiful women…
#MeTooAlgorithmic BiasFeminism

Doxxing and Domestic Violence: Same Wolf, Different Clothing

"Doxxing is a term used when a person (usually with a high profile) shares your…

I Am All That My Sister Poured Into Me

"There is no universe where I exist and my sister doesn’t, because I am all…
Trans Experiences

Love and Grief in a Time of Trans Crisis

"Some examples of trans grief include: the loss of support from family, friends, and community,…

The Limitations of Empathy

"For many autistic people who’ve been accused of not having (enough) empathy or of being…
BeautyBody PositivityHealth

On Trauma and Mirrors: Confronting Our Reflections

"If you find yourself continuously triggered and in pain each time you look in the…
BooksLGBTQIA+Trans Experiences

We Need Books About Trans Experiences, Even if They’re Not Perfect

"At a time where books for queer youths are being banned across the USA, "I…
FeminismIndigenous Experiences

I Am Not Strong By Choice

"I have tried feeling strong, coming from many mana wahine- strong women."

An Open Letter to My Narcissistic Mother

"It was not emotionally safe to live with, talk to, or be the real me…

Domestic Abusers Shouldn’t Own Guns. They Certainly Shouldn’t Own Gun Stores.

"The edges of my vision went blurry. This man owns a gun store and like…
Body PositivityRelationships

Why Modern Dating Sucks–Even as a Conventionally Attractive Woman

"Please love me unconditionally (for more than my size two body)"
RelationshipsSelf Care

Me Being a SxWorker Doesn’t Mean You’re Entitled to Me

"S/workers understand consent intimately, and we can say no to anyone that we choose."

The Dark Side of the Friendzone

"Men who pretend to be nice, and then become bitter when they don’t achieve what…
Body PositivityDisabilityHealthSelf Care

For Me, Rest is Non-Negotiable

"My body's abilities have changed since a semi truck hit me on the highway in…

I’ve Spent Years on the Fence About Having Kids, But Now I Know

"I wasn’t sure if I really wanted a screaming-laughing-pooping tiny human or if I was…

The Dance Floor is All We Have Left

"Sometimes, for LGBT people, grieving happens on the dance floor."