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Image by Kate Branch

Want to turn your apartment into a bone fide bone zone?

Your living and sleeping space can have a huge affect on your sex life – here are a few easy decor and organization tips to encourage a safe, sexy space.

1. No Loft beds

How old are you, 13? I hope not. If you are, you shouldn’t be reading this. For every square foot you save with a loft bed, you gain three months of celibacy or awkward, uncomfortable sex. It’s not worth it, babe.

2. No overhead lighting 

It’s. All. About. Lighting.

Avoid overhead lighting. Use up lighting only – that’s lamps, votives + candles to create a relaxing atmosphere. If you’re feeling creative, you can use colored LED lighting strips for a moody glow.

3. Use Big Mirrors

Place a big mirror somewhere close to where you know you’re going to be getting busy. This doesn’t have to be 70’s porno mirror over the top of your bed, a nice wide, full length mirror works perfectly.

4. Get an Oil Diffuser

Incense is also good, but can get smoky – oil diffusers can help create a clear, relaxing atmosphere. We recommend this Relax Blend from Muji.

5. Separate living and sleeping areas

For the same reason you don’t want your TV in your bedroom, you want your bedroom to be a place specifically for sleeping, relaxing and fucking.  If possible, keep your living and sleep areas separate. If you have a studio apartment, use a bookshelf or curtains to create a private space. Even better if there is a wall and a door between your living and sleeping areas.

6. Kink friendly bed frame

A bed frame can help center and ground a bed in your space. If you’d like to option to play in bed, avoid solid bed heads so you can utilize ropes + ties.

7. Big couch – without slim wooden arms

Fucking on the couch can be great, as long as it’s big enough. When in the market for a new sofa, avoid ones with thin, wooden arms and try and go for something deep and long 😉

8. Invest in good quality bedding

If you can, invest in nice sheets. Not satin, or silk, no polyester or nylon – high thread count, 100% cotton sheets are where it’s at. Get em on sale and wash them every single week.

9. Get a Bidet

You can get affordable ones that attach directly to your toilet. Let your butthole sparkle!!