Aid and Abet Abortion Tee


Bluntly state your commitment to facilitating access to abortion.



Abortion access is not guaranteed by the courts, but thanks to abortion pills and support networks like abortion funds, abortion cannot be broadly eliminated by legal decisions either. 

Aiding and abetting abortion—in the form of funding abortions, sharing information about pills, and saving independent clinics—is a community responsibility, a moral imperative, and a project which cannot be left to activists alone. Bluntly stating your commitment to facilitating access is a great way to get more people on board; it’s also an act of defiance, and this is the energy we’re taking into Post-Roe America.

* Please be aware that speaking brazenly about breaking laws may make you a target for law enforcement. SYA wants to give people tools to express their rejection of unjust laws, but we cannot be accountable for the devastating reality that some people—especially folks of marginalized identities and people in red states—may be criminalized for doing so.