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It’s time to level up the Salty way: together. 

That’s why we have a membership program.

If it wasn’t for YOU, Salty wouldn’t be what it is today. 

Since we launched last year, we’ve weathered some battles: plagiarism, censoring, cyber attacks, and de-platforming. You have fought for our survival and helped facilitate real change. All the while, Salty keeps getting bigger and bigger.

All of this – the endurance, the growth, the disruption – has been 100% volunteer-fueled. Which is insane!! We’ve reached the limits of what Salty can achieve on a beg, borrow, steal budget. And if we got this far on energy alone, imagine what we can build when we commit to it.

Salty now goes out to 42,000 Salty babes via email each week, is seen by 2.5 million people per month and reaches a dedicated and engaged social media community of nearly 100,000 Salty babes every day. We built a platform for the stories you actually want to read, and center and amplify the voices that deserve it the most. Yours.

As our community gets bigger each day, we are faced with growing technical and legal overheads. We also believe that our contributors and staff deserve to be compensated for their work, and we hope you believe that too. Salty needs to hit 5,000 Official Salty Babes in order to thrive. Here is a clear and transparent breakdown of the Salty world we are building.

Click here to help build the platform that passes the mic.

Coming on board as a member – a Founding Salty Babe – means helping to secure the future of Salty and keeps all our content accessible for everyone. Our choose-what-you-pay memberships start at $4.99 per month, or if you choose to pay yearly upfront we’ll give you a discount!

Your contribution will go toward:

Amplifying the stories of women, trans and nonbinary people
Supporting ongoing visibility and activism
Connecting people through stories that help you navigate the world
Keeping Salty accessible to all

⁠PLUS! If we hit our minimum goal of 3,500 members, we can launch our members-only newsletter bulletin, where you’ll be able to promote your own projects and events and connect with other Salty babes! ⁠

Although we’ve learned that Salty can’t rely on investors or advertisers to see our value – we CAN rely on the Salty community to see it. We invite you to become a part of the movement to build the platform that passes the mic and become a Founding Salty babe today.

Click here to become an Official Salty Babe today.