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This story was originally published on the Slut Blog by Amber Rose with the title, “Amber Rose’s Guide To Taking A Fire Nude”.  As part of our Salty x Slutbox collaboration we are sharing our fave tips from Muva herself.

Art by @_janetmac.

If you’ve ever found yourself lying on your bed with your back painfully arched, attempting to capture a casually-sexy trying-but-not-trying-too-hard vibe you know that taking a truly bomb nude takes skill. In honor of our body positive-themed box, here are MUVA’s tips for taking a fire nude.

Create a Safe Digital Space to Play

Taking and trading selfies on iMessage, Insta DMs and Snapchat are all well and good, but if you’re serious about cybersecurity think about investing in a dedicated sexting app. For iPhone, check out Privates which lets you block screenshotting and set pics to expire. On Android, Signal allows you to disable screenshots (but not on iPhone!). Bleep is another good option available for both Android and iOs. Another good rule of thumb if you’re concerned about security is to make sure your face is (at least partially) cropped out).

Feel The Vibe

Make yourself feel sexy. If you don’t feel confident and f*ckable, what’s the point? Put on something that makes you look bangin’, turn on a sexy playlist, and get it poppin’.

Embrace Natural Light

Sure, most sexting takes place in the heat of the night, but the most flattering light for photos is during the daytime. If you gotta snap a pic in artificial light, avoid harsh overhead lighting, and be sure to turn your flash on to counteract any unflattering shadows.

Use a Timer

Look, you don’t need a whole photo studio or even a tripod. Simply prop up your phone, strike a pose, and snap away.

Set The Scene

Try and keep the background clear of anything weird or gross that will take the focus away from your naked bod. (i.e., close that toilet seat lid, kick the pile of dirty laundry under the bed, and maybe hide that stuffed animal collection…) Extra props for lighting some candles or drawing a bath.

Clean Up Your Act

If you’re using a mirror to take a selfie, clear off the counter and for goodness sakes wipe down that mirror!

Know Your Angles

Everyone has a good side. Use it. Accentuate your best A$$ets. (Hint: shooting from below generally makes things look bigger/longer. Play around see what works best).

Be A Tease

Don’t give away the whole show during the opening act! Sexting is all about seduction, so be a tease! Start with a shot of your hard nipples through a thin shirt, or a peak of that booty or a glimpse of your sexxxy lingerie through your outfit. Make ‘em beg and stop there, or amp things up a notch and start dropping more clothes

Don’t Over Edit

If your f*ckbuddy wanted a perfectly airbrushed, generically sexy nudie photo that’s just a click away. The reason they’re sexting you is that they’re hot for the immediacy of your sexy perfectly-imperfect bod.

Call In Reinforcements

Not sure about how a sexy selfie turned out? Send your nudes to your BFFs for critiques. Getting gassed up by your best pals is a huge confidence boost. So go get ‘em, tiger!