Yes, Please, And Thank You: An Erotic Short

Sometimes we need an erotic break in our everyday life: a little sexual daydream interlude. You deserve to take one right now, in fact. Enjoy. 

By Anna Lockwood.

Images by @xavieralopez.

Is this the right time?

Would you like it if I touched your bare shoulder in a dark theatre right in the middle of the summer?

Would you like it if I touched the small of your back?

Could I please run my tongue in circles around your nipples?

Would you like it if I ran my tongue in circles around your clitoris?

May I run my fingers in circles around your breasts?

Could I run my fingertips down your jawbone?

May I thread my fingers through your hair at the base of your skull?

Could I please press the glans of your cock gently between my lips?

May I seek the edges of your thigh muscles, carefully, with my fingertips?

Would you like it if I bit on your inner thigh?

Would you like it if I tied a wide, soft ribbon around your eyes?

May I slap you on the ass?

May I tie you to my bedposts?

May I please unbutton your dress?

Would you like it if I tugged on your hair a little?

May I seek the edge of your orgasm?

May I please hold you there?

Would you like it if I licked off your sweat?

Could you please put another finger inside?

May I put my fingers in your mouth?

Would you prefer it if I lifted you against the wall?

Do you need some more lube?

May I cradle your ankles in my hands?

Would you prefer some more time?

May I press my body into your back?

Would you like it if I nipped at your breasts with my teeth and my fingers?

May I pinch your clit?

Will you hold my chest while I’m sleeping?

Image via @xavieralopez.

Will you stroke my back to help fade my nerves?

May I squeeze your cock between my legs?

Will you squeeze my head between your legs?

Could you please just throw me down and fuck me?


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