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By Laura Delarato

I am, unsurprisingly, a kinky person with a thing for accessories. Give me the straps, give me the accoutrements, make me cry with a multi-strapped cage harness. Whatever lack of confidence I’m feeling will soon be lifted the moment I get to glide, lace, or buckle a fresh leather collar across my skin (or someone else’s). #Fetish4Fetishwear.

But the one thing that constantly keeps me away from purchasing a closet full of latex catsuits is the availability of those products in my size. Google the following words: leatherwear, fetish wear, leather goods. More often than not (and that not is incredibly rare), the images you see associated with strappy harnesses and chest cages don’t overlap with the plus-size world. And while a lot of leather and latex companies are made to order in your sizes, it is actually very important for you to represent me if you want my money.

Hello, everyone. Size 18/20 here who wants to give you money for hot things to wear — let me give you money.

This dilemma is not as surprising as you might think. The fashion industry has been pummeled with the outcries of the plus consumer for years, and we have yet to see a full transition toward all sizes represented within the retail shopping experience.

Plus people are not stupid. We know why you don’t size up, expand, or adjust your product line — you don’t want us to represent you.

Plus people are not stupid. We know why you don’t size up, expand, or adjust your product line — you don’t want us to represent you. I’m sure it keeps you up at night to think that a fatty could pull your name brand denim or silks over her body and someone might acknowledge it – “That dress is so cute. Where is it from?” — forever associating your brand with the standard uncool plus-size body (ugh, you have no idea what you’re missing out on).

This is frustrating when simply trying to buy everyday clothes. But when you don’t know where to turn within kinkwear, it’s even more disheartening. I thought everyone was welcome!

True story: 67% of the women in the U.S. are above a size 16. That means if you’re not including plus people in your commerce, you are losing money. Using my body and identity as reference (because I could never speak for everyone), here’s a list of where I find sexy kink attire in my size.

Wild Wolf Leatherwork

This Etsy shop has one motto: Made just for you. There are no small, medium, or large labels to be seen within the product descriptions. Simply sturdy leather goods with intricate strap patterns and standardized pricing for anyone who places an order. Plus sizes often jump up in pricing so it’s good to see standard price points across the Etsy shop. Looking for something a little bit more intricate? This is a good place to find double straps across all bodywork.

@wildwolfleatherwork on Instagram

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Leather Coven

The first thing that strikes you when scrolling past the product page is the rows and rows of hot people who look like you and the people around you. No one is photoshopped, everything looks how it would if you put it on your body — much appreciated. Even better, their Instagram feels like you’re scrolling through a super hot party that I desperately want an invite for (hint hint hint hint). Go through Leather Coven’s Etsy page to see multiple models sporting each piece; it gives you a better sense of how each buckle and strap works across the body — and try super hard not to fall in love with the Siren Crown; wait…do. Fall in love and purchase now.

@leathercoven on Instagram

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Rand Leather

Do you really need your sub to stay put? Look no further. Rand Leather has incredibly reinforced products. They allow you to measure yourself, send in those numbers, and receive all the custom harnesses, collars, and cuffs your heart desires. Whether they know it or not, their maker videos (here, here, here) give the voyeur in me shivers from watching how they handcraft each piece. 5 stars!

@randleather on Instagram

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Brooklyn Latex

Alongside the standard black shiny and slippery latex pieces, there are poppy bursts of transparent garter dresses and peachy pink bralettes modeled by the sexiest babes Instagram has to offer. If you’ve ever wanted to explore wearing your latex outside of a playspace, this is where you should look. Each piece is custom, cute, but has that I’m wearing latex so don’t fuck with me vibe.

@brooklynlatex on Instagram

Laura Delarato is a writer, video producer, artist, nude art model, body image activist, and sex educator based in Brooklyn, NY . . . she also very aware of how intense that sounds. Her art and essays have been featured on BeautyCon, Ravishly, People, Allure, NBC, LunaLuna Magazine, Travel + Leisure, and Revelist — and she can be seen modeling for Blink Fitness, Dia & Co, ASOS, Target, PlusBKYN and Gwynnie Bee. Laura also teaches original workshops for Fusion Academy, The Pleasure Chest, Babeland, and Brooklyn’s yearly Sex Expo. Follow Laura on Instagram where she posts about body acceptance, erotic art, and wellness.