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Banishing rituals are a powerful resource when you need to cleanse yourself of a negative or abusive person. Need a fresh start? One of Salty’s resident witches, Devon Groomes, aka Indigo Universe, has just the spell for you.

Let It Burn: Banishment Ritual

You Will Need:

  • Fireproof Bowl
  • A slip of paper
  • Matches
  • Sage
  • Pen
  • 1 white candle (optional)
  • Sweet Grass, Palo Santo or Frankincense (optional)

What It Is: 

A banishment ritual/spell is the act of removing something (or someone) unwanted from your space and/or life. This is not to be performed with the intent of harming another person. With that said, feel free to make amendments as needed.

How To Do It:

Open all of your windows and turn on any fans that you have in your house. This will direct negative energy out of your home, allowing positive energy to reclaim the space.

Light the sage enough to allow the embers to smolder then immediately blow out the flame (same as burning incense). My sage of choice is desert white sage (Salvia apiana).

Consider saying an affirmation for cleansing. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I like saying “I purge myself and this home of negativity. May only love & light enter.”

Waving the sage clockwise, walk around your house, making sure that the smoke drifts along the ceilings and into every crevice and corner. Starting from your front door is best.

Concentrate on busy areas, as they tend to need the most cleansing: closets, hallways, windows, work spaces, kitchens, front and back door.

Focus on your affirmation as you continue to sage each room. Remember to stay connected to your breath throughout your cleansing.

As you watch the smoke dissipate out the windows, imagine negative energy leaving.

When you have cleansed all areas of your house, come back to where you started and gently extinguish the sage in your bowl. Imagine that your entire home is filled with light and has been raised to a higher vibrational energy.

Remove the sage from your bowl and set it aside. Gather your pen and slip of paper to begin your banishment.

Sit quietly for a few minutes and focus on the thing or person you are banishing.

After reflection is done, write that person’s name on a slip of paper.

Light the slip of paper on fire and toss it in the bowl. As it burns visualize the target leaving your life and then focus all of your attention on what your life will be like after the banishment takes effect.

Once the paper is finished burning, dispose of the ashes as soon as possible. You can scatter them in the wind, bury them in the ground or simply dispose them in a trash bin away from your home. This is a perfect time to take a walk.


Upon entering my home after the walk, I leave my shoes at the door and immediately jump in the shower. This allows me to wash off any funky energy that may have tried to latch back on before re-entering. Once my shower is complete, I burn palo santo or sweet grass and light a white candle. While gazing at the flame, I remind myself that I am a soul made of love & light. Blessed Be!