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River Gallo is a Salvadoran intersex filmmaker, actor, and advocate with interACT. In this photo series, River contemplates body autonomy and what life would be like if they were allowed to choose their gender as an intersex person, as opposed to the one assigned and created by doctors during adolescence.

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Photos by Alan Michnoff // Styled by @novafoxmusic // MUA @youaresimplystunning // Hair by @colormefabb 

I wonder what kind of woman I would have been — had doctor’s given me the right to chose.

How big would my breasts have been? How soft my lips?

I wonder — how drunk would my Tia have gotten at my Quinceañera? Or how pink was my dress?

I wonder if I would have been a good Catholic woman like my mother. Pray the rosary each time a man whispered “mami” or “hold still”.

I wonder if I would have been the daughter my father dreamed I would be.

I wonder if I would have been the daughter my father feared I would be.

– R. Gallo

River Gallo is the CEO of Gaptoof Entertainment, a multi-media production house in Los Angeles, which focuses on re-envisioning POC, LGBTQIA, and female– narratives. His upcoming film “Ponyboi” which he wrote, directed, and starred in, is the first narrative film created by and staring an out intersex person in the history of cinema. It is being executive produced by Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson. “Ponyboi” will screen this December in NYC & LA.