Share Your Story

Yes! We take submissions for writing, photography and illustrations.

Salty is 100% volunteer driven and we are unable to pay for submissions at this time. However, we can offer a platform for your stories.

If that is not a dealbreaker, then we’d love to hear from you!

Please keep the following in mind when pitching to us:

Written Submissions

Please send us either fully written pieces or concise pitches – one no longer than one paragraph that details the overview and take away of the piece.

Publishing is at the discretion of the Salty editors.

Some tips: We love first person stories that are funny, smart and honest. Speak from your own experiences.

Remember we cover sex, dating and relationship content only. Please look over our website and refer to our central brand tenets if you are wondering if your piece/s will fit at Salty.

No academic pitches.

Word count is generally 800 -1000 words.

There is no specific Salty voice- we are a cacophany of voices, so speak to your truth.

Yes, you can publish under a psuedonym.

Email here: [email protected] and we’ll let you know what we think!

We get a lot of submissions and try to respond to everyone, but we are a small team and are sometimes are unable. Thank you for understanding.

Illustration Contributions

You can send in a packet of your work to be considered to run on our socials or on our site alongside written articles.

Please send a zip file of JPEGs with your handle in the file name. eg: yourhandlehere01.jpg

Email here: [email protected]

If you would like to create some pieces specifically for us, email us some examples of your work and let us know!


We LOVE photo submissions, especially documentary style. Extra points if they celebrate the unique experiences of women, trans and non binary people and are related to sex, dating and relationships.  If you have a series that needs publishing, send it to us for consideration and include suggested copy to run with the photos.

If you have an idea for a photo series, pitch it to us, and show us some examples of your work.

We are always looking for established photographers to potentially shoot our cover stars. Send us a link to your site and your social media handles.

Email here: [email protected]

Brands / PR people

Salty does not have the editorial bandwidth to promote new apps, toys, fashion etc; however we offer very reasonable partnership rates for brands we believe in. Please email [email protected] for pricing.

We do not cover or promote events.

I’m not a writer or a photographer or illustrator, but I want to be part of the Salty team

Awesome! Please note, we are not hiring for paid positions. However, we always need help. Please email us outlining your specific skill set and experience (video / event production / social media etc) and we’ll be in touch if there is a fit. Thank you! [email protected]