Introducing Salty: the feminist media brand exploring everything modern dating, sex, and relationships for women, trans and non binary people.

We launched on International Women’s Day in 2018.

Salty’s feminism is not millennial pink. It’s not brand-safe, snackable, or neatly packaged for retweets. The internet doesn’t need another brand cashing in on sanitized “girl power.” It needs a place where all women, trans, and nonbinary voices are celebrated and respected — no matter how real and raw.

If we publish a story about sex work, it’s been written by a sex worker. If we publish a story about trans dating, it’s been written by a trans person. If it’s about race, it’s written by an editor of that race. We don’t think that’s radical – it’s common sense.

We’ve launched this project to fill a space that mainstream media keeps missing. Ideated and created by alumnae of PAPER, NYLON, Vice and R29, Salty is a 100% independently run, volunteer publication bouyed by the voices of women, trans and non binary contributors from all over the world. We’re a hodgepodge troupe of intersectional, imperfect, smart, multidimensional feminist writers, editors and creators and we want you to be part of the Salty world.

Regardless of where this project evolves in the future (events! Podcasts! Retail! Who knows??) we promise that we will keep these four tenets as our guide. We value celebration over condemnation, intersectionality, honesty and sex positivity.

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We’re Salty as hell and ready to change things up around here. We’re sex positive, body positive, and hella positive that the conversations around female sexuality and relationships need to be updated. So we’re giving you the full package: our joy and our anger. Our base desires. Our radically honest feelings about the topics people tell women not to talk about.

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